16 April 1990

Eoin Morley

Eoin was murdered on Easter Sunday by British agents who had infiltrated the PIRA in the Newry area. Eoin was from a strongly republican family, and even at the age of 23, was a seasoned operator for both the IRA and then the IPLO having carried out numerous actions against the Brits and their proxys.
Recently it emerged  in a report by the police ombudsman, that his killers had been shielded by the RUC special branch before, during and after the murder. Eoins family believe that the murder was a Brit inspired plot to provoke tensions between Republicans in Newry. The fact the the crown forces would engage in a plot to eliminate Eoin came as no surprise to any who knew him, as he had been regularly threatened by the Brits and the RUC from a very early age. A true Republican, killed by British agents, never forgotten.

23 Dec 1991

Patrick Mc Donald

Patrick was killed in his hairdressing business in the center of Dublin on the 23rd of December 1991 by unknown assailants. Patrick, also known as "Teasy" originally came from Newry, but had been living in Dublin for some time at the time of his killing. A flamboyant charachter who was well know throughout republican circles from the outset of the conflict. Only 41 years old at the time of his death.

Towards a permanent lasting physical memorial dedicated to fallen members of the Irish Peoples Liberation Organisation.