15 March 1987

Gerard Steenson
Founding member of the Irish People's Liberation Organisation (IPLO).
Killed while traveling in car along Springhill Avenue, Ballymurphy, Belfast.
Gerard was a fearless Republican activist . He was gunned down in his prime, a sad loss to the Republican Socialist cause. Gerard was active from a very early age, his many exploits becoming legendary in Republican circles, he was also an intelligent thinker, and had written many times on the direction the Republican Socialist movement should take. Gerard was imprisoned on the word of Harry Kirkpatrick, and while in jail embarked on a hunger strike to protest at the use of paid informants to secure his and his comrades convictions.
While the strike itself was short-lived, its major impact was the erosion of the supergrass system -- by Christmas of 1986, 24 of those convicted on the word of supergrass Harry Kirkpatrick had been released, their convictions quashed, this was effectively the beginning of the end of the supergrass system.

16 August 1991 Martin "Rook" O'Prey

Shot at his home, Ardmoulin Terrace, Lower Falls, Belfast by loyalist gunmen. Martin was another fearless operator, and the O.C of the IPLO at the time of his death. From an early age Martin regularly engaged the enemy. His fearless attitude brought him to the attention of the Brits and their Loyalist proxy's. Martins home was directly under the British army watchtower  at Divis tower, yet no one stationed there seen or heard anything. Martin was another victim of the collusion that existed between the crown forces and the UVF.

29 April 1992

Conor Maguire

Murdered at his workplace, Conneywarren Lane, Ligoniel, Belfast. Conor was constantly harassed by Crown forces, and was threatened by members of the RUC Special Branch shortly before his death that if he did not become an informer he would be shot dead by loyalists. The weapons used in the killing, an assault rifle and automatic pistol, were part of the haul brought to Ireland from South Africa in 1988 with the help of British intelligence agents. Connors funeral was attacked by a loyalist mob in full view of the watching RUC who stood idly by. May he rest in peace,

18 August 1992

Jimmy Brown
Shot while sitting in his car, Clonard Street, Lower Falls, Belfast.
Jimmy was an astute political mind, the public face of Republican Socialism throughout the 1980's. Another founding member of the IPLO. Jimmy was a charismatic character, who's enthusiasm and knowledge of the republican socialist cause throughout the years was second to none. Jimmy was one of the old school Republicans who could inspire with his powerful speeches. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

27 August 1992

Hugh McKibben
Shot outside Lamh Dearg GAA Club, Hannahstown, Belfast after completing a game of Gaelic football.
Hugh was a keen footballer who played regularly, as such he was an easy target for those who wanted to destroy the IPLO, only twenty one years old when he died. A young life needlessly cut short. His infectious laugh and youthful enthusiasm will be sadly missed, may he rest in peace.

23rd Feburary 1992

Patrick Pearse Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan was killed by a single stab wound in the Divis area when he went to confront someone who was engaging in anti social activities there. The local community were afraid to confront the individual involved, but Patrick, being an ex French Foreign legion soldier, confronted the man and died from his injuries. He was held in very high esteem by his comrades in the foreign legion as well as those in the IPLO. Patrick is remembered on the IPLO plot, but is buried in his families plot within the cemetery.

Towards a permanent lasting physical memorial dedicated to fallen members of the Irish Peoples Liberation Organisation.