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RE.patsy o hara and mickey devine.

while both vols new the path they would follow would lead them into conflict,it would mean getting harrassed,being singled out as outcasts having your door kicked in and attacked and frequently beated ,something most vols would expect..from the british army?or the ruc? no from the provisional movement

a shamefull episode indeed...the hungerstrikers 5 demands were just for all vols that is why patsy kevin and mickey join the strike...and died as heros for..(as did all the hungerstrikers)..but while the leadership was drip fed what was happening as regaurds talks between the prm and the british as the prm had there own agenda...we all marched in support of the five demands but only 2 years after patsy kevin and mickey died in pursuit of the 5 demands the prm decided to take these 5 demands away from the socialist prisoners...they decided...ourselves alone..!indeed...who were they to decide that the vols of the rsm were to be deemed as criminals..the provos used the britsh tactic of criminalsing prisioners against the comrades of patsy kevin and mickey...socialist republicans suffered as much as the provos and were not found wanting in the fight...RIP comrades


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