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what is the a socialist i dont see any..there are those who with kneejerk reaction where celebrating the fact that rangers fc went into recievership..there are some points that need to be addressed..firstly  scottish football needs these clubs (rangers and celtic)to both be in there otherwise it is not sustainable...ibrox pulls in around 45/55000 fans every other week..the away fans to and from these  clubs generates finance all around scotland..many smaller clubs themselves would be likely to go under also if both if the old firm money go round stopped for them...many many ordinary people would suffer from the lack of money given back trough small business's..this knock on affect creates jobs locally and elsewere,from b&b's to bus and ferry's pubs.etc all benifit from these does not matter weather you are blue or green..class is a much bigger devide than religion...those who spend there money on following there clubs should be respected for doing wolfe tone himself prodestant and decenter...fellow workers fellow socialists do not have to be of the same religion but strive to help thier communities in tough times..only for fergus mc cartan celtic themselves may have met a simular fate not that long ago..even the shinners promote equality for our prodestant i for one wont be happy to see a club like rangers go under because like the title of this post racism is no different to secterinism and as a footnote and covered before INLA hungerstriker mickey devine was supposly a rangers fan...the suarez and terry cases show people wont tolerate racism nor should they tolerate secterianism.


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