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Former Hunger striker Larry O Neill :




MLA Raymond McCartney and Sinn Fein, through typical Sinn Fein ‘double speak’, seek to criminalise all who don’t agree with them, lumping everybody into one or other dissident group. McCartney uses much rhetoric to justify their own betrayal of the revolution through their hunger for power on the graves of Republican dead and thousands of innocent people whose lives were cruelly taken away so that Sinn Fein could administer British colonial rule from the Stormont sandcastle.


McCartney makes much selective play of what Martin McGuiness said in the past. Was it not Martin McGuinness who said it would be the cutting edge of the IRA rather than election results that would remove the British presence from Ireland?


In McCartney’s diatribe of apparent desperation, he pours scorn on those who stood in the last assembly elections in opposition to SF, forgetting that SF fared little better in their early outings. It’s not so long ago the Brits called a certain Shinner, Mr. 10%.


Then McCartney continues to slate those who don’t agree with SF for not being able to field candidates in the southern elections, whether or not any of them wished to do so. At the same time he fails to note the Irish people in the 26 counties rejected SF as not fit for government because of their arrogance and lack of credibility.


Deprived of their six county sectarian headcount and bereft of fiscal,

economic and other relevant policies, SF had then to suffer the humiliation of watching their leader out of his depth on RTE being savaged and holed below the bow by none other than their hate figure, Michael McDowell.


To quote McCartney’s latest SF brainwashing logic: “The context in which Britain remains in Ireland has changed. That came about as a direct result of decades of ongoing political struggle”. So there we have it, Britain’s dirty war in Ireland with thousands dead and maimed, thousands of broken homes and thousands imprisoned - as far as SF was concerned it was only a political struggle. For what?


Who concocted and colluded in the deceit? A 32 county Ireland or nothing, not a bullet, not an ounce etc etc!


Pity those hungry for power couldn’t have been honest and said it was all for a bit of power and a few well-paid seats in Stormont to administer a peaceful British colony. So perhaps that’s why all the securocrats have gone away! Away to the new £30 million MI5 complex at Hollywood established with the silence of McCartney’s SF united Irelanders.


A British colony is a British colony. New context, what a load of Bull! All of what’s now acceptable and more, minus MI5 permanent residency, was on the table and available in 1972/73. Only difference it would have been the SDLP and not SF would have had the power and the jobs, and three and a half thousand lives would have been saved.


Of course that was in the days when Adams, McGuinness, McCartney and therest of us were branded criminals with no political mandate. We claimed the Proclamation as our mandate.


McCartney talks of the transparent way the leadership articulated its strategy to end British rule. More bull, total deceit was the name of the game. Myself and many others are witnesses!


Where is the evidence of progress on a 32 county Ireland free of British occupation? Many years have passed since the signing of the GFA. In that agreement there was provision for a periodic referendum on unity. The deadline for the first one is long past and not a squeak from SFs united Irelanders, wonder why?


Murderous thuggery


McCartney talks of appalling vista of death while ignoring the most recent appalling vista of all carried out by the murderous thuggery of SF henchmen in the new Castlereagh centre in South Armagh.


I speak of young Paul Quinn, 21 years-old, the baby of the family lured to his death by these SF henchmen. Almost every bone in his body was broken, most of his internal organs ruptured and his face and head disfigured. His friends were imprisoned nearby and forced to listen to him being slaughtered



According to the locals it took 15 “brave” Provo/Shinners in boiler suits to carry out this brutal and heinous act. Equivalent only to the Shankill butchers.


Then to add insult and try and blacken the young man’s name, McCartney’s SF transparent leadership brand the young man a criminal. And McCartney tells us leadership is not about denial. “An Ireland of Equals”. What a shameful way to sully the cause of Irish sovereignty. This was planned, premeditated, unadulterated terrorism intended as such not just for the young victim and

his friends but also to terrorise the wider community into Provo/SF



In Ballycastle a few weeks ago a young man was beaten up by SF thuggery because his father James McCarry, a life-long Republican dared to put his name forward in opposition to SF in a local council by–election. An Ireland of Equals.


Is McCartney in denial? Or have these appalling vistas slipped his mind? Or worse again does McCartney and his transparent SF leadership expect all of us to close our eyes and put our fingers in our ears, in case we might end up in Castlereagh South Armagh?


And presumably we are all expected to stay silent to avoid the war cry of anti-SF rhetoric while the populance is bullied, brainwashed, cajoled and blackmailed into submission. Then we can have an Ireland of Equals SF style!


Perhaps it’s time the Civil Rights Movement was resurrected.




Laurence O’Neill


Ex Republican Prisoner



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Have to say this letter is written from the heart. A truthful and daming indictment of the total abject failure of Sinn Fein to advance the cause for unity on bit. A poll in the Irish News says more Catholics in the six counties want to stay in the union than want a United country.

This shows how SF have failed to promote the concept to its own followers. If the survey is correct, then a lot of Sinn Fein voters must be Catholic Unionists...! Progression?

To some of us who see where Sinn Feins electoral support comes from, it is no suprise. Lets face it, Sinn Fein are happy with the Union. Without it they would become insignificant as the letter points out...

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"A poll in the Irish News says more Catholics in the six counties want to stay in the union than want a United country."

I was told this was 73% of propaganda.  I was also told these votes were taken in Belfast in the Shankill Road.  Well, no Catholics live in the Shankill Road it's all loyalists and protestants.  Suggestion was that protestants used surnames like "Murphy" and put down their religion as "Catholic" to make it look like people want to stay with the UK rather than a united Ireland.  I have no proof, but people I know who were Catholics are claiming they were never asked in the first place.

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