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hamas and fatwah have given up the fight and now have given up thier guns to the israelies..the isrealies are now paying them to administer thier law to thier people and they sit in the israel parliment...they have asked the people to phone and tell the police if anyone is preparing to attack israel..the leaders are now millionares and have convinced the people that they are nearly there in thier quest for a state...ETA have now given up thier guns and joined the spanish goverment...they have given up the fight for thier separate state...the leaders are now paid puppets of the state and are millionaire holiday homeowning politicans..and are calling on those who still aspire to the struggle to knock it on the head as they are micro groups and the people should report any dissident activity to the spanish police...both groups now reconise thier prisoners are no longer political and no mention should be made of them...they have told the people this is a great victory and they are nearer achieving thier goals...we will get there ...were else in the world could this crap be sold to the people as a victory....only by smoke and mirrors and lies have the GERRY and MARTIN dictatiorship party pulled this one off...but they cannot fool all the people all of the time and thier web of deciept is slowly catching them out...stormont...a great victory for those of us who want a united ireland...


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