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this is the campain slogan used by the shinners to promote the current ireland of equals..but how different is it in practise...let me tell you,firstly on the doorsteps they tell people to vote for them to keep out the unionists..but are our prodestant brothers excluded from the equality they speak of then..hypocricicy!what is equal about that. former republican brendan curran also attacks the integrity of davy hyland and his supporters who are constantly harrased by the state malitia..are sinn fein supporters subjected to this harrasment of course not they support fully those imlamenting it...again equality...i think not..curran calls on davy to condem the recent killing of constable kerr..again political manovering...did you brendan condem the murders of newry men your constituints eoin morley...frank kerr..i could go on of course not...equality..again i think did your people brendan treat republican just like they beat mickey devine and patsy o hara up when alive more than once and now use them for political gain..marching in there honour every year but excluding the party (IRSP) these men supported..they dont even mention that kevin lynch was an INLA vol...equality again i think not.

"The city has told these people - and indeed the people of Ireland have told these people - they have absolutely nothing to offer and they should heed that word.


"The only thing they're doing is giving sustenance to people who want the peace process not to work and there's absolutely nothing that they're offering the people of Ireland."


the words of mc cartney PSF ..above.



also criticised those who were “ignoring the people of Ireland and attempting to carry out an unjustified campaign of violence”.

..your party ignored 100.000+ people who marched from the shankill and falls....who had the support of all the major trade unions mothers across ireland...workers north and south catholic and prodestant in the form of the peace people.....your party IGNORED the will of the people when it suited them to to fact you attacked them called them agitators....selective memories of these people is blinding...pot up hyprocates.agaion ..equals..i think not.

how many times do they use this rings shallow if your a socialist republican who members prisoners and families know at first hand the equality they speak of..being beaten at irish nights..prisoners being sent of wings as criminals..slogans being vandalised and painted over..the shameful undermine absorb and marginilise of republican socialists..the attacks on mickey devine and patsy o hara who only 2 years later would have been like the others classed as hoods and have been forcibily removed from the wings by those who speak of equality..the parking of a bus in derrybeg to obscure a slogan against internment because gerry was visiting last year..the dissapearence of the banner at the graveyard shows the equality..there hatred of the republican socialist movements knows no bounds..mmg can only talk trough clenched teeth about the brave volenteers of the republican socialist movement...equality...nearly spat out my cornflakes..

more on the undermine and obsorb policy of the shinners on the irsp forum.


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I have seen that Martin McGuinness had spinned the same or similar line of "everyone is equal, the war is over and everyone is at peace, and everyone has now accepted the current situation here in the North and is looking forward to a peaceful future this country has to offer." etc.  "Anyone that doesn't support Sinn Fein is trying to bring back the old days of violence."  Blah blah blah..... 

When are people going to wake up????  How can it be POWs get beaten in gaol, but not loyalists.  Police harassment is a lot more on republicans than loyalists.  The only people that have accepted the current situation is the shinners and their supporters.  If everything is at peace....then why are there still regular bomb alerts and why was the PSNI man killed not that long ago?  And why is the British Army still in the North and the people are still living under British Law?  Accepting British Law is not the solution to the Irish peoples' problems.  If Sinn Fein thinks that the POWs, who are still being beaten regularly, and the police are still conducting the stop and search procedures and raiding homes of republicans and harassing the children, and painting over slogans and taking down the tri-colour flags, but allowing the union jack to fly is equal and at peace.....then they are burying their heads in the sand just to get votes.  I have had it with shinners blaming other groups at Easter Commerations when it should be about remembering the fallen ones not about attacking one another.  I can understand why people want to be independent from Sinn Fein at these events....

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