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Easter 2011 Commeration and Wreath Laying Ceremonies:

Easter Saturday 12.00 Miltown. Lay wreaths at the IPLO plot and visit other fallen comrades resting places.

Easter Saturday 14.00 Armagh. Lay wreaths at the graveyard and memorial to Martin and his father.

Easter Sunday 12.00. Join with the Independant Republican Socialist commeration in Monk's Hill, Newry


All are welcome to honour our fallen friends and comrades this Easter.

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rest in peace to all the fallen

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Oration from Independent Republican Socialist Commeration Newry




Iwould like to thank everyone for coming again today as wecommemorate the 95thanniversary of the Easter Rising, here at the gravesides of ourfallen friends and comrades, Tommy, Eoin and Crip. Its hard tobelieve another year has gone by since we last met to pay ourrespects here at Monks Hill, but I am sure I echo all your sentimentswhen I say that it is a massive mark of respect for the men weremember today, that everyone has gathered here again this EasterSunday. We should also remember Newry Republican Socialists, PatrickMcDonald and Seamus Ruddy who are buried elswhere outside thisgraveyard



As Republicans andSocialists, our comrades interred here deserve to be remembered fortheir commitment and unwavering dedication to the ideals and goalsread out in the proclamation on the steps of the GPO by PadriaicPearse at the beginning of the rising in Dublin 95 years ago today.In our colonial history, Irishmen and Irishwomen have asserted theirdesire for freedom in conflicts that have now spanned nearly 900years. During that time people like Tommy Eoin and Crip were forcedto take up arms to defend their people from the might of the BritishEmpire. During that time many Irishmen and women paid the ultimatesacrifice.



Not all thesepeople died on active service or while engaging the enemy, conflictis just not like that. War against an Empire like the British, by itsvery nature, is the last resort of the repressed and subjugated. Waris also by its very nature, inhumane and as we all know not everyonedied in circumstances that would lend themselves to words of arousing rebel song. But this in no way changes the fact that theygave their lives in pursuit of the goals of the Proclamation. Ourcomrade Crip gave most of the years of his all too short life to thepursuit of a Socialist Republic while imprisoned for his beliefs.Eoin and Tommy died in circumstances that would make no Republican orSocialist proud, but this will never stop us from remembering themwith pride.

I can put it nobetter than James Connolly himself when he wrote



"...there is no such thing as humane or civilised war. War may be forcedupon a subject race or subject class to put an end to subjection ofrace, class or sex. When it is so waged, it must be waged thoroughlyand relentlessly, but with no delusion as to its elevating nature, orcivilising methods."



This EasterSunday, let us remember all those who died in pursuit of the goals ofthe proclamation whatever the circumstances. Each and every one ofthem is deserving of not only our thoughts today, but also ourgratitude that they would dedicate their lives in pursuit of IrishFreedom. A freedom that they knew they may never see, but that theywere willing to lay down their lives for.



James Connollyalso wrote in 1916:



“Weare out for Ireland for the Irish. But who are the Irish? Not therack-renting, slum-owning landlord; not the sweating, profit-grindingcapitalist; not the sleek and oily lawyer; not the prostitutepressman -- the hired liars of the enemy. Not these are the Irishupon whom the future depends. Not these, but the Irish working class,the only secure foundation upon which a free nation can be reared”.



These words are asrelevant today as the day they were delivered. This perfectlyencapsulates what has always motivated Republican Socialist's inIreland. These words also articulate why brave Volunteers like ourcomrades who we remember today took up arms. Let us leave with pridein our hearts that we had Tommy Eoin and Crip in our lives. TrueRepublican Socialists that Ireland is poorer without. True RepublicanSocialists it was an honour to have known.



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