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As we head towards another round of voting in theNorth, I have been intrigued to see the Sinn Fein councillor Brendan Curran’s thinly vieled reference to the IPLO in his "spat" with former comrade Davy Hyland via Facebook. I personally have no interest in who comes out on top of the battle of former friends turned adversary’s, however it is worth exploring Curran’sattempt to attack his opponent, Hyland, by making reference to NewryRepublican Socialists who have thrown their weight behind Hyland.

Curran asserts that Hyland's friends on Facebook consist of hoods and druggies. one can only assume that Curran is trying to make electoral capital from the fact some Newry Republican Socialists have backed Hyland, even though the IPLO have long since ceased to be a player in the conflict in the North. Councillor Curran will be well aware of the fact even the PIRA, unprompted, stated that all IPLO members in Newry were engaged in a war of liberation during the conflict. Maybe Brendan should recall this fact when attacking Hyland by using the proxy of the IPLO.

The truth of the matter is that the Provisional movement in Newry, of which Curran is a member, Murdered Republican Socialist Eoin Morley in a cowardly unprovoked and alcohol fuelled murder, not the other way round. The Provisional movement robbed the INF club in Newry, and tried to blame it on the IPLO. The Provisional movement murdered Frank Kerr in the post office in Newry for a few quid, I could go on and on but I have no political score to settle,or political position to sell.

I understand that as the election approaches,councillor Curran needs to have a "bogeyman" to attack. In this case his nemesis Davy Hyland seems to be the target. However this is just a smokescreen that should be exposed.

Councillor Curran will, on Easter Sunday, go to the graveyard in Newry. In the plot are Vol's who were murdered by Crown Forces. Curran can find it in his heart to now sit in the DPP with the same people who murdered the fallen interred in St Marys,and share tea and biscuits while discussing the progress of thePSNI/RUC in its "rehabilitation" to the Nationalist people .Brendan has no problem making friends with former sworn enemies in the Crown Forces, but not for former comrade Davy Hyland, who happens to be a Republican who has differing views of the way forward. Brendan seems to have a vitriolic hatred for hisex-comrade Davy that blinds him to the fact their position are similar in many ways.

Councillor Curran finds it easier to sit with officers of the crown than his old comrade Davy. I suggest he has got his priorities wrong. On Easter Sunday Brendan will pay his respectsat the Republican Plot, during the week he will crack a joke and share a cup of tea with the people who rejoiced in the murder of the fallen Vol's in the DPP meetings. Get your enemies right Brendan, you are lining Davy up to be your "election Bogeyman", truth is you have more in common with him than you have with your new PSNI/RUCfriends on the DPP. As we know all to well in the Republican Socialist movement, former comrades turning on each other is pretty sad really.




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