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my first post so forgive my ignorance, how do former comrades turn on each other, Irish history is littered with splits within the republician movement,  turn on each other call each other hoods, drug dealers,etc, they only one to gain is your common enemy,  one day you are comrades next your enemy,  i will never understand it, so many brave and decent men on all, sides, dead ,men with vision and courage, of their beliefs,  

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It is a question that we all sometimes struggle with. Lets be honest, as you sayIrish History is a catalouge of splits of one type or another batween comrades. In our recent history we can go back to the ICA and IRB, on to the civil war, the OIRA PIRA split, OIRA IRSP split, INLA IPLO split, PIRA CIRA Split, PIRA RIRA split, to name some, and recently apparantly both the RIRA and CIRA have split again.

It is a sad fact that history in Ireland has often repeated itself when it comes to internal rifts. Maybe that armed struggle draws in certian types of headstrong Voulenteers might play a part, but one thing is for sure, its not just Republican Socialists that have been effected by internal disputes, most, if not all, political movements have to grapple with this problem. The difference in recent history in Ireland is that the political comrades who turned on each other were armed.

I am sure looking back now, most of the participants of all the factional fighting listed above at the time felt so strongly that they were justified in their actions. Sad truth is that all those who split  over the years in this way probally had more in common with their ex-comrades that they appreciated....A sad loss all of them. I hope this will never happen again, but the brutal truth is that in all liklehood it will at some point.

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Well said and a great question.  I was in a discussion with the Tricolours Campaign last October as they were discussing whether to become a political group or not as they were growing in numbers....I had disagreed with it at the time.  The idea of the campaign was to bring all political groups, friends, families, and ex POWs under one umbrella to support the POWs in Maghaberry Gaol regardless of what political or IRA group they supported.  I felt, for the tricolours campaign to become political it would cause division with the political groups.  Republicans have always gone in their own direction and trying to pull them into one group is hard.  To be honest, you can learn a lot from the IRA groups over the years as they paid a heavy price with division because their comrades had lost their lives through it all.  A couple of months ago there was dispute between two republican pressure/political groups and one of the reasons was one group wanted to disband the other group which turned into a row between them.  No one should try to disband any other's group.....learn from the IRA.....all it had done in the end is cost lives.  The INLA feuds back in the 80s should never happen again and everyone learn from it so it is not repeated.  In the end all republican are on the same side fighting/supporting the same cause.  It is tragic to hear one volunteer has killed another volunteer because of their differences in opinions or belong in a different group.  From what I have learnt is that not all republicans are the same and they divide very quickly when they disagree with each other, but looking at the whole picture they are still on the same side...just with their own views on how things should move forwards.  I personally feel that the tricolours campaign shouldn't become political...not at the moment anyway.  It should be a group that all groups with feel comfortable being involved in regardless of political views.  That is how the group started out and should remain at this time.  Sorry for the long post....I do get carried away writing when something important such as this.  I will stop there otherwise I will go onto another topic on issues.

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yes it is an irish thing  isnt it,friends with some one today there arch enemy tomorrow it dates back hundreds of years just look at the irish civil war brother turning against brother pro-treaty anti-treaty and so on even back then the brits much have been laughing,men like dan breen attacking british army/ric/black and tan units on a push bike,then months later being hunts in the fields by the free state army very sad 

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i think that tricolours you are right, to represent all republicans all on the same side, sometimes the starry plough flag means more to some, if  i am correct, some groups have a more socialist leaning, i have read jimmy brown words  so much makes sense even more today, so many lost killed by former comrades a costly lesson some great lost leaders,

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