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while we all await the outcome of todays match in the scottish cup final and hopefull of a celtic victory i am reminded that one of the bravest of our 1981  hungerstrikers INLA vol mickey devine was indeed a rangers supporter such was the non secterian poliics of mickey...funny how every year the PRM try to march in his and patsy o haras hounours while not invitin the party these men were alained to...infact they beat up these brave vol's when they were alive and attacked them on more than one occasion..infact less than 2 years after the hungerstrikes were ended the PRM deemed that republican socialists were to be put of the wings as criminals and hoods and therefore would have sent patsy and mickey on there way as hoods...funny they dont mention that!they started a campain of undermine marginalise and obsorb republican socialists..on the ground all newry this meant that as such we were hoods and touts to them and there supporters and they activly set about recruiting everyone they could away from the irps...they even tried to take the glory away from the sucessfull RSM alained flutebands by trying to start there own...friends of ours were encoureged to gather intelligence on us and our friends and our movements..they were also encoureged to attack us in pubs/clubs..PIRA members were contacted in the early hours of the morning to paint out and remove slogans showin support for the INLA/IPLO..hoods and comming from a group who by conservitive estimates 1 in 6 members were agents..hoods...they robbed newrys foresters club on 2 occasions holding a derrybeg family hostage...the second time they suggested to some that it as the IPLO...they robbed newrys post office and shot dead frank in the process all for a few pounds...yet we were the hoods!they murdered newry republican eoin morley and were happy to tell there supporters that he was a one fooled only themselves..they denied having anything to do with the brutal killing of paul quinn...but then again at first they denied killing eoin morley or robbing the post elect connor murphy they shout...some have done very well out of the whole struggle..big houses/cars holiday much for the socialist republic that james connolly dreamed of! he would be turning in his grave at the rich capitalists running the movement who tell people to vote for them so they can impliment british rule...who stay silent while republicans on the ground in newry and all over are arrested and harrassed...silent also on the prisoners issues as they sold the rights gained by the brave sacfrfices of the hungerstrikers as part of the failed GFA..they will at times try to push themselves(usually at election times) as a republican party..dont be fooled by this..they are about as republican as the SDLP..they are riding a wave of popularity at the moment...but then again so did the sticks and were quie successfull at it.but republicans will see as they abandon more and more of the republican values and get richer and richer while doing so it will come back to haunt them..radical youth can see they offer nothing at all to those who aspire a republic..ride your wave of populariy and enjoy it...the sticks did before becomming unstuck!really hearting to see that there are credable alternitaves for republican socialists to build from and todays youth are tommorows voters ..who also know that far from being a radical republican party($inn £ein) when it suits..are indeed a constitutional nationalist party..nothing remotly republican in that at all..encouraged by their leaders to be informants for the state malitia..a role brendan curran is happy with on his speed dail..the tables will turn...hopefully sooner rather than later..and come on the hoops(sorry mickey)!


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Shane Dundalk
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good post above

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