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From Willie Frazer's YouTube video written below.


"VICTIMS campaigners have staged a protest at Londonderry's Guildhall against a 'dinner dance' commemorating dead IRA members. Willie Frazer of victims' group FAIR said that protestors attended the event and held up posters in front of hundreds of people who turned out. "We were demanding justice for victims of terrorism," he said. The victims campaigner said that there were a few verbal exchanges with some of the guests. And he expressed concern that those attending the event were there to glorify the actions of the IRA. "But we will not allow them a free run," he said."


A friend of mine a Catholic republican (not an IRA man) attends those similar dinners, but in Armagh.  It is not about remembering the "terrorist pasts" as Willie Frazer puts it.  It is about remembering republicans that had lost their lives during the troubles and it is mainly the families that attend these events because they have discussions about collusion and injustice issues surrounding the deaths of their loved ones.  He makes me mad with his one-sided views and I am sure that he commemorates the loyalist side just the same.  I just wish sometimes that I wasn't blocked from responding back to him about his videos. 

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Willie Frazer....Lol What an imbicile. the minute anyone takes this guy seriously, then we have a problem. But thankfully we are not at that juncture yet. most people see him for the baffoon he is...

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lol Willie Frazer will travel miles to get his voice heard lol.  It wasn't that long ago he claimed that he was attacked by the IRA while he was visiting a republican stronghold area while making one of his anti-republican videos.  He said that he had to pretend that he had a gun in his pocket to scare the IRA off lololol.  The truth was it wasn't the IRA that walked up to his car and looked in at them lol it was some young teenage boys that walked up to the car just to see who he was, but as soon as these young boys reached the car Willie Frazer drove off as fast as he could.  If it was the IRA I think they would have taken the opportunity to have given him a beating for things he says about them over the years.  Why on earth would he want to go to a republican area in the first place...he was asking for trouble.  I never met anyone so one-sided in my life, but your right many republicans see him as a laughing stock.  Like the time he complained about the Irish Gaelic language being written on the side of some buses, when it turned out it was French not Irish lol.

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