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what do the posters think of this move....for me even countries in peace with no wars retain the ability to defend and deter with weapons not in use in times of peace as is the moment..i had thought the no first strike policy was the best out there..i hope there was no financial gain as i think that would have underminded all the RSM stood for..a bold move..time will tell if it was the right move...seems as if everyone is jumping on the sticks bandwagon years later..i hope republican socialism trives in the future as the monster that is multi nationalist capitalism affects us all....not for the better either.

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Although I disagree with the INLA's leadership decommissioning their army's weapons (for obvious reasons,) I still think that it was a good strategic decision; they needed to decommission their weapons so that the IRSP could gain more political "strength" although, like Sinn Féin, I doubt that their (the IRSP's) newly gained "strength" will benefit their party or the Irish people.

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I have no real opinion on the matter. I dont know what was to be achieved by giving the weapons over. We can only guess that the clamour to decomission by all groups  before DeChastelian left was for a reason. There has been talk of monies for ex-prisoners groups etc, but this is speculation at the moment. I am sure the truth will come out shortly.

I had to laugh looking over on I.R.NET. RSF members and disaffected ex PIRA members were cueing up to lambast the INLA for getting rid of their weapons. They have short memories. The same people were calling on the INLA to disband many many times during the conflict...!

It is true to say the situation at the moment is not condusive to armed resistance. Building up the IRSP from its currnet position to be an effective alternative is a big job, good luck to them. The Irish working classes of the North are in dire need of someone who can articulate their concerns and make their voices heard.

The goal of a United Irish Socialist Republic is at the minute no further foward, with or without the guns. I personally believe that Stormont is not the vehicle to bring us there.

Just my personal opinion....

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