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I know that the presence of the Orange Order causes upset within the nationalist/Catholic areas, but the police should move off with it as soon as it has passed through and not stay behind because it is intimidating to the people living in those areas.  Making people angry is not the solution....Right; I got that off my chest.  I will shut up now.

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By Derek Dunne. From 'MAGILL' magazine, February 1986.


Onestrange aspect of the Kirkpatrick case is what happened between the endof the trial and the judgement. There was a gap of five weeks and inthe interim , two other people were arrested.


Liz Le Guria is currently on bail awaiting trial on the 'word' of Harry Kirkpatrick- lawyers involved are puzzled as to why the RUC waited so long to pickher up . She was living openly in Belfast , paying rent to the localauthority and collecting some social welfare payments , and her addressand whereabouts would have been known.


She was also 'P-checked' (stopped on the street , questioned, searched and patted down), and told her details will be entered into a computer and held on file: this was done once to her whilst she was in the company of anAmerican lawyer . Now she has been charged with "conspiring to murder".......


By Derek Dunne. From 'MAGILL' magazine, February 1986.


Anotherman from Derry has also been arrested ; he had been arrested in 1984 inDerry and had been in RUC custody but was not charged on Kirkpatrick'sword at that time. Now that man and Liz Le Guria both face 'trials'based on the informer's 'evidence' .


Since 1982, almost four hundred men and women have been arrested , charged and remanded incustody on the 'word' of informers , and have been held for anaggregate of one thousand years before coming to 'trial' . It cantake up to two years to have an appeal heard , and some of the victimsin the Kirkpatrick case will have served six years by then - twelveyears in real terms. Such is British 'justice' , as practised here inIreland.

[END of 'The Trouble With Harry'.]


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Very interesting case about Harry Kirkpatrick.  It seems the RUC used him to get republican convictions.  It was a very mixed-matched trial.  Sorry about my previous posts about the are welcome to delete them as I just get annoy with police saying one thing and doing another thing.  A lot of injustice has come from that trial above.  An Irish lawyer (murdered by loyalists on behalf of the RUC), which is not to do with this particular trial, had stated in the past that republicans didn't get a chance if any chance in the first place to stand up for their rights and be heard.  The law is very one-sided.  Whether any of them did do things or not...they should at least be able to put their side of the story including their reasons if some of them did do what they were accused of. 

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