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were to start with this one....trades discription maybe,because this should be renamed provo tours of derrybeg...this will not mention the fact that the first successful opp against the brits was carried out by the OIRA a landmine attack in the early 70,s or the last one by the IPLO the attack that saw gunshot injuries to a RUC man and a soldier at the all weather pitch in 1989..probably wont mention that after the killing of Beansy heatley that it was OIRA gunfire that lite up most of the area..probably wont mention the shooting of prodestant man gordie robinson in second avenue..probably wont mention that shinners placed a bus in front of an anti internment banner in the estate because Gerry the beard was visiting the estate...couldnt let gerry see resistance against internment from the avenues..or the removal of a banner from the graveyard..or slogans in support of other republican groups removed...equality!probably wont mention the fact the shinners lost thier sitting councillor in the last elections...of course not..the provisional movement have no monoply on the republican name...many died and were jailed from the estate who did not belong to prm but who,s sacrafices and that of thier families visiting jails/graveyards were testament to..RIP all you who fought and died for eire.


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True "couldnt let gerry see resistance against internment from the avenues" neither any TV and media reporters....they can't let the public elsewhere apart from Derry see what is really going on with Internment of Irish people as it will look bad for elections coming up this year with Sinn Fein's continued silence and doing nothing to help the POWs in Gaols.

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