Towards a permanent lasting physical memorial dedicated to fallen members of the Irish Peoples Liberation Organisation.


Site News..

September 2008

Since the launch of the website just over six months ago we never thought how much of a success the project would be. With the passage of time would people still be interested visiting the website to read about the IPLO volunteers who died? We had no idea how the website would be received.
To our shame we let the lies told about the IPLO to go unanswered for far too long. Unsubstantiated rumor and conjecture were allowed to gather momentum over the years, friends and comrades and families of the fallen had no real voice to respond and put our point of view across and more importantly to defend the intregrity of those who had made the ultimate sacrifice . The initial aim of the website was just to document and build a online memorial to the fallen. This was acomplished, but we were taken aback and greatly heartened by the response of Republican Socialists throughout Ireland, and wider afield who contacted us to express their support for the web memorial.

The website has generated a lot of positive feedback. Some contributers to the guestbook and forum have expressed a desire to take the memorial idea to another level. There has been a lot of interest in building a lasting physical memorial to the IPLO fallen. This idea is still in its early stage, and no one is under any illusions as to the obstacles ahead, but this can be achieved with the help and input of those who are determined to make this idea come to a successfull conclusion.

This will not happen overnight, but over the next weeks and months we will be getting together to pool ideas. We will be shortly starting a thread in our forum that will only be visible to members where we can debate and act on our plans. We would urge all those who have an interest in the project to get in touch and contribute in any way they can.

As each anniversary of the fallen volunteers aproaches we will endeavour to place memorial notices in the papers to raise the profile of the website and to make our presence known to friends, comrades and families of our dead comrades. Together we will not let the situation arise again where their names are not given thier rightfull place alongside all those who gave thier lives in the pursuit of Irish freedom. We owe this to them all....