This site has been erected by Irish Republican Socialist activists to build a lasting record of the members of the Irish Peoples Liberation Organisation who made the ultimate sacrifice during the war of liberation in the North of Ireland. The building of a memorial to these people is long overdue, and the author's hope to invite contributions from others towards the completion of this project.


The Irish Peoples liberation Organisation was formed in 1986 by Republican Socialist activists who had been released from prison after the collapse of the Harry Kirkpatrick supergrass trials of the early 1980's. This site seeks to document the volunteers who died in the pursuit of the goal of a united Irish Socialist Republic. It is important that all those who took up the fight are remembered for their unselfish and unflinching courage in engaging the enemies of the Irish people.

 "Apostles of Freedom are ever idolised when dead, but crucified when alive." - James Connolly

This site is a tribute to those IPLO members who fell during the conflict.

Towards a permanent lasting physical memorial dedicated to fallen members of the Irish Peoples Liberation Organisation.